We currently do not plan to hold an optional “Agon” tournament this year, but this page remains as an introduction to the game.

Agon hopes to promote and introduce more students to Ancient Greece while giving JCLers the opportunity to play a "buzzer" game without the rigors of competition associated with traditional certamen.

Created by Jose Molina of Florida as a senior project in 2010, Agon is composed of Greek language, Hellenic history, Greek life & literature, and Greek mythology at a basic level. It was premiered at the NJCL Convention in 2013 at UNLV, and run as a full tournament at Emory University in 2014. Agon is not leveled nor is it meant to be played school vs. school or state vs. state; in the spirit of JCL friendships and camaraderie, teams are paired at random. By making Agon as welcoming, lighthearted, and fun as possible for players and audience alike, we hope it will gain popularity across the country and be a mainstay at collegiate tournaments and National Conventions for years to come.

If you have any questions regarding the format of Agon or Yale Certamen as a whole, please contact us