Yale Certamen was created with two primary goals―to establish a premier, national Certamen tournament accessible to all players, regardless of ability, and to introduce students to Yale and Yale’s Classics Department. As Yale Certamen enters its eighth year, we are pleased with how far we have come, but continue to seek ways to improve.

Three years ago, we introduced the revolutionary two-bracket system, allowing both more and less experienced teams to compete against teams of equal ability. This system has proved effective and will return in all divisions this year. Additionally, this year we are focusing on standardizing question difficulty across rounds. We hope this will ensure a more pleasant and equitable playing experience for all involved.

Last year, we welcomed to Yale’s campus 26 schools from 11 states, including Virginia, Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Wisconsin. These students had the opportunity to tour and experience a world-class university and we expect to see many of them back on campus in a few years’ time. They also met one of Yale’s renowned Classics faculty members, Professor Andrew Johnston. Professor Johnston, the author of the book The Sons of Remus: Identity in Roman Gaul and Spain, is an expert in the field of Roman cultural history. MVPs from each level also received copies of Yale Classics Professors' books, including Professor Joseph Solodow’s book Latin Alive and Professor Noel Lenski's Constantine and the Cities. This year will offer the opportunity to meet more members of Yale’s Classics Department.

Above all, however, Yale Certamen offers the chance to make new friends and enjoy the game of Certamen. With that in mind, we encourage you to register for this year’s tournament and join the fun. See you in November!


Yale Certamen unites classics enthusiasts from across the university. Our members have diverse interests and majors, but come together to help share their love of Certamen. Our current board members are President Michael Kearney '20 (Classics), Vice President Devyn Rigsby '19 (Global Affairs), Treasurer Samir Al-Ali '21 (Classics and MB&B), Communications Officer Lina Kapp '20 (Classics).