1. Cost

We plan to keep the tournament free, so that the only costs of attending will be those associated with travel and lodging. We do, however, request that each school bring a buzzer system for use at the tournament.

If there is a valid reason you cannot do this—e.g., not owning a buzzer system—we understand, but we do ask that all participating teams bring a buzzer system if they possess one.

2. Teams

All teams participating in the tournament must be school-based. No mixing of schools on one team will be allowed unless specific approval has been granted (please contact us if you have specific questions related to your school). This rule has been implemented in the hope that this tournament will serve as neither a pre-NJCL “warm-up” nor a post-NJCL “runback."

3. Tournament Format

This tournament will employ a two-bracket (A and B) format at all levels. For an explanation of the system and suggested placement, please visit the tournament format page.

4. Required Forms

All participants in the 2019 Yale Certamen must complete these forms with their parents. Additionally, all chaperones/coaches must complete this form.

Please email the completed forms to yale.certamen@gmail.com at the time of your registration.

5. Registration

This year, we are not capping the number of teams in each level, but nonetheless ask you to register in a timely fashion. All teams must register by Sunday, October 20.

Again, do not hesitate to email us (yale.certamen@gmail.com) with any questions, specific to your school or more general, especially concerning the two-bracket format. If you are unsure of which bracket is most appropriate for your players, we will be more than happy to discuss the matter with you.